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Textbook Adoption FAQs

Part 1: Textbook Adoption FAQs

What is eCampus?

eCampus is an online textbook retailer. The Mount has partnered with eCampus to be the official textbook retailer for the university, replacing the previous retailer (Follett). eCampus sells textbooks to MSJ students via a customized, Mount-branded website.

How do I submit textbook adoptions to eCampus?

All textbook adoptions are submitted through FAST. Please note: this is the only method for submitting your textbook adoptions to eCampus.

Once you are logged into the FAST site, you can view a list of your courses. Click on a course to open it and begin making course adoptions.

Instructions on using FAST can be found in:

I don’t have a FAST password. What should I do?

Click on the “Forgot Password” on the FAST sign-in page and follow the steps for requesting a new password.

What is the due date for submitting textbook adoptions?

The due date for submitting textbook adoptions is generally two weeks prior to the beginning of student registration for the upcoming semester.

Why is the due date so early in the semester?

Completing the process of submitting adoptions as soon as possible is necessary for the following reasons: 1) eCampus needs as much lead time as possible to source textbooks from publishers 2) students need as much lead time as possible to financially plan for purchasing textbooks, and 3) MSJ must comply with the requirements of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. This federal law requires universities receiving financial aid to disclose textbook information to students prior to registering for courses.

What happens if I submit textbook adoptions after the due date?

You can add adoptions in FAST after the due date, but the changes you make will not immediately display on the “Preview” page like they normally do. Your changes will display once eCampus staff approves the changes.

What information do I need about my textbooks in order to submit adoptions?

To adopt a textbook, all you need is the correct ISBN. Make sure you have the ISBN for the exact edition or version of the textbook you want to adopt.

There are multiple ISBN for the textbook I want to select. Which one should I use?

First, consider the exact version of the textbook you want your students to purchase. For example, if you want them to purchase an ebook version of the textbook along with courseware, then make sure you have selected the ISBN for that specific purchase option. If you are unclear which ISBN to use, please ask Scott Lloyd ( or Bridget DuMont ( for assistance.

If you have multiple ISBNs and you are unsure which one to enter, select the print ISBN. If there is an ebook version of your textbook, it will be automatically adopted along with the print version.

I am not requiring any textbooks for my course. What should I do?

Find your course in FAST and select the option labelled, “textbooks are not required for this course.” This will communicate to your students that there are no textbooks to purchase for your course.

If you are using a library ebook, an open-access textbook, or any other freely available textbook resource, you can communicate this information to students by clicking on the “Add Course Comment” link on the bottom of the course page, and adding the information about your free textbook(s).

Is there a way for me to check availability of textbooks or tentatively select textbooks without making my adoptions final?

Yes. You can click on the “Add Adoption” button and paste in an ISBN to check availability without clicking on the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen. Or you can add adoptions to your course, but then choose the option that says, “Textbooks to be determined.” Thus, you can save potential textbooks to your course without making your selections live on the bookstore (student) site.

I would like to add Cengage Unlimited as an option for purchasing the textbook for my course. What should I do?

Click on “Add Adoption” on your course page and enter the following ISBN: 9780357700037.

Is there a way for me to see what my textbook information will look like on the bookstore website, so I can view the information as my students will see it on the site?

Yes. Click on your course, and then click on the “Preview” button at the top of the screen to see what your textbook information will look like on the bookstore website.

I’m using an open-access (free) textbook in my course. What should I do?

Find your course in FAST and click on the link at the bottom of the page to add a course comment. Using the course comments box, you can provide information about your textbook, including a link.

A course I’m teaching in the fall is not listed in FAST, or there is incorrect information about the course. What should I do?

Contact the administrative assistant in your school or department, or contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance. The course information listed in FAST is based on the course information listed in MSJ’s Jenzabar system, so any changes required to course information in FAST must first be made in Jenzabar before they will display in FAST. Note: if a change has been made in Jenzabar, please allow 24-48 hours for the new information to display correctly in FAST.

I have a cross-listed course. How do I make my course adoptions?

In FAST, you should see your course listed separately under all course numbers that are attached to the course. Please click on each listing for your course and enter your textbook adoptions.

I have multiple sections of the same course. What do I do?

Open the first section of your course In FAST and submit your textbook adoptions. Then click on the "Copy All" button and select the other sections of your course in the pop-up window. Once you've selected the other sections of your course, click on the "Copy Adoptions" button. Your textbook adoptions should now appear on all sections of your course.

General eCampus FAQs

Part 2: General eCampus FAQs

How does eCampus sell textbooks to students?

eCampus will sell textbooks through their new Mount-branded eCampus bookstore site:  Students can choose to have their textbook orders shipped to campus or their place of residence.

How do students login to the MSJ eCampus website?

Students should login with their Mount username and password.

How can students search for their textbooks?

Students can either visit and use the “Shop by Course” option, or they can go to myMount and click on the bookstore links embedded in their course schedule.

What does eCampus charge for shipping?

eCampus provides a one-day, ship-to-campus option that is free. If students select this option, they will pick up their textbooks in the MSJ ROAR Store in the Harrington Center. Students can choose to have their textbooks shipped to any other address for a flat rate of $5.00.

Are textbooks available for sale in the MSJ ROAR Store (campus store)?

No. Textbooks are only available for purchase on the MSJ-branded eCampus website: The ROAR Store sells Mount-branded merchandise and other items. The ROAR Store does serve as the Mount's eCampus delivery hub. Students may choose to have their books shipped to campus and pick them up inside the ROAR Store. Students can also drop off rental returns and buybacks.

 How does eCampus determine their pricing?

eCampus uses what they refer to as a dynamic pricing model. They routinely check the prices of their competitors and adjust their own prices accordingly. Thus, their pricing is generally competitive with Amazon and other online textbook vendors.

Does eCampus provide price matching?

Yes. eCampus provides a price match guarantee to MSJ students:

What is eCampus Marketplace?

Like Amazon, eCampus facilitates third-party retailers selling used copies of textbooks on their website. This provides students with another affordable option for purchasing their textbooks.

Does eCampus sell used copies of textbooks?

Yes. Students can purchase used copies of textbooks when available. Students should use the “Shop by Course” option on the eCampus site  to see all available options for obtaining their textbooks.

Does eCampus offer textbook rentals?

Yes. When available, students have the option of renting print copies of textbooks or purchasing temporary access to digital copies. Students should use the “Shop by Course” option on the eCampus site  to see all available options for obtaining their textbooks.

How do students receive e-textbooks from eCampus?

Generally speaking, when a student purchases an access code to an e-textbook on the eCampus site, the access code is uploaded to the student's eCampus Digital Bookshelf. Students can sign in to their Digital Bookshelf by clicking on the “Digital Bookshelf” link at the top of the screen on the eCampus site.

If a student purchases a print copy of a textbook with an access code for online courseware, the access code is shipped along with the textbook.

Are students able to use their financial aid to purchase textbooks on the eCampus website?

Yes. Students can submit a request through the Student Administrative Services office to have financial aid funds placed on their eCampus account. More information can be found on the MSJ website.

A student is having trouble with their eCampus textbook order. What can I help them?

Advise the student to contact the eCampus help desk. If after contacting the eCampus help desk the student’s problem remains unresolved, contact Scott Lloyd ( or Bridget DuMont (

Does eCampus offer textbook buy-backs for students?

Yes. Students can sell their textbooks back to eCampus at any time on the eCampus site.

Does eCampus have a return policy for students?

Yes. The return policy can be found the eCampus site.