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Permanent Links for Database Records

What is a permanent link?
A permanent link is a URL that links to a specific record within a database. Permanent links give a specific Web address to each item record, allowing records to be bookmarked by searchers or linked to from other websites. Use permanent links to access journal articles, e-books, and catalog records in library databases.

Search a database for a topic or an article citation. At the search results page, click on an item to see the detailed record display. At the individual record display look for the permanent link. It can usually be found at the top or side of the page, or sometimes within the record details. The permanent link may be called a permalink, persistent link, jumpstart, or stable URL. Copy and paste the permanent link into your Blackboard course site, email, reading list, etc.  

What is a proxy prefix?
The proxy prefix: allows Mount St. Joseph students, faculty and staff to access subscription databases from off campus. In order to use a permanent link from off campus, make sure the proxy prefix is at the beginning of the permanent link. For example:

Do permanent links ever expire?
Yes, permanent links do occasionally expire when vendors make changes to URLs in their databases. If faculty are using permanent links in their Blackboard courses, they should check the links each semester prior to teaching their courses to make sure the links are still working. If a link has stopped working, faculty can use EBSCO's Full Text Publications Finder to locate the article and find a new link. If you are having trouble fixing the link or finding the article, please contact the library for assistance.

EBSCO Databases:
The permanent link, called permalink, is accessed under the Tools column at the Detailed Record display. Click on the Permalink icon to open a box above the article title. In EBSCO eBook Collection database, use permalinks to link to specific pages within an electronic book. The proxy prefix is already included as part of the EBSCO permanent link.ebsco

Electronic Journal Center (EJC)
The permanent link, or permalink, is listed with the article description. Add the proxy prefix for off campus accessejc

Cochrane Library:

The DOI, Digital Object Identifier, is the permanent link. You’ll need to add the proxy prefix for off campus access.



Nursing & Allied Health Source (ProQuest)
Click on Abstract/Details; the Document URL is the permanent link. You’ll need to add the proxy prefix to enable off campus access.



OVID database (Wolters Kluwer)
The permanent link is called a jumpstart. Under the Tools column, click on the Email Jumpstart link or the Email PDF Jumpstart. You will see a pop-up window with the jumpstart URL for the article. You can either copy and paste the link, or send it to yourself in an email. The proxy prefix is part of the OVID permanent link. 

The permanent link is the URL with the word stable